The Basmanny Court of Moscow extended the ban on certain actions to the defendants in the Vesna case Angelina Roshchupko and Timofey Vaskin until March 11, informs “OVD-Info” with reference to lawyers.

Details. Roshchupko and Vaskin are forbidden to leave their homes from eight in the evening until eight in the morning, to communicate with the defendants in the case and supporters of the “Spring”, to use means of communication and the Internet.

Public defender Timofey Vaskin and journalist Angelina Roshchupko deny any connection with Vesna. Roshchupko notes that she was not a member of the movement’s chats, she is not in the photographs attached to the case.

General picture. The case of participation in an NGO that infringes on the rights of citizens was initiated against Viasna in early May. Then mass searches were carried out at the participants of the movement.

According to investigators, Viasna and its members published on the Internet calls to participate in uncoordinated anti-war protests from February 25 to 27. Later, another charge was added to the case file – under the article on inciting to riots. Eight people are involved in the case, but not all of them are connected with Vesna. Two defendants left Russia.

December 6 City Court of St. Petersburg acknowledged movement “Spring” extremist organization.

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