Autoexpert Dmitry Matveev gave advice to help motorists avoid accidents on the roads in winter.

Auto expert and CEO of the network of car rentals in Russia and abroad “My Car Rental” Dmitry Matveev urged drivers to keep their distance while driving and not make sudden movements. He also reminded about the need to comply with the speed limit.

He recommends driving at a speed even lower than the regulated traffic rules, since in ice the braking distance will be much longer.

Formerly autoexpert Jan Heitzeer urged the driversfeel” car before the start of winter.

“Be extremely careful on bridges, overpasses, overpasses – they freeze faster than the ground roadway, therefore, sleet forms there earlier,” writes Newspaper.Ru.

Matveev advised to smoothly turn the steering wheel and gently press the brake pedal.

“It is advisable to press the brake pedal with intermittent impacts, and when braking on descents, use engine braking, when operating a car with an automatic transmission, except for CVTs, switch to manual mode,” the expert said.