December 17, 2022, 19:38 – Public News Service – OSN

The head of the Lviv military administration Maxim Kozitsky made an assessment of the state of the power supply system in the Lviv region Ukraine. According to him, the situation should be considered critical. Kozitsky voiced his point of view on the air of the Rada telethon.

Describing the complexity of the current situation, Kozitsky noted that there is no electricity in the houses for 8 hours, and the normal supply of electricity lasts no more than four hours. According to his estimates, the region receives two times less capacity than it should receive at the present time of the year.

Kozitsky also reported on the current stabilization and emergency power outages in the region. He emphasized that they do not affect the operation of electric transport.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported the words of Maxim Timchenko, General Director of DTEK Kyiv Regional Electric Grids. He addressed to the Ukrainians with an appeal to hold out for 122 days until the onset of spring. According to him, the company is doing everything to solve the problems, but to restore the energy system of Ukraine, billions are needed, which Kyiv expects from Western countries.