Parental anxiety appeared after local media reported that children in the Tyumen region would not be allowed to Christmas parties and matinees without a flu shot.


At the same time, the publications referred to the order of the regional department of education, which also dealt with the prevention of unvaccinated parents from New Year’s children’s holidays.

Today, the information center of the government of the Tyumen region released statementin which he stated: “the information that children without flu shots will not be allowed to the New Year holidays is a fake.”

In the region, every child can visit New Year’s parties and Christmas trees in schools and kindergartens, the message emphasizes.

The press service recalled the recommendation that was given by the sanitary and anti-epidemic commission of the government of the Tyumen region to the departments of education and science, physical culture and sports, culture and all educational institutions, including additional education.

AT recommendations it was said: “to strengthen anti-epidemic measures during the mass New Year holidays, to prevent people with signs of SARS and who do not have information about vaccination against influenza to participate.” Actually, now you can understand where the rumors came from, which so excited the Tyumen parents.

The press service explained that according to these recommendations, certificates of flu vaccination can be asked from relatives who want to come to the New Year’s holiday with their children.

It is worth adding that in the Tyumen region, as in many Russian regions, an increase in the incidence of influenza and SARS is recorded. So, since last Thursday, December 15, all schools in Tyumen have been sent to distance learning. The remote will last until December 23rd.

Today, the network publication “Teacher’s Newspaper” reportedthat Pskov schools are leaving for a week-long quarantine. From December 19 to December 25, the educational process will be organized in a remote format. This decision was made in connection with the increase in the incidence of SARS and influenza.