Austrian Foreign Ministry ridicules Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who provoked a scandal because of his football scarf with a map of “Greater Hungary” with the territories of Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia. This publication reports Kronen Zeitung.

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Diplomats noted that no steps are planned with respect to Hungary, as the agency does not take the situation seriously.

“A quick look at historical maps at the ministry confirmed initial assumptions that ‘Greater Hungary’ has not existed for about 100 years,” the statement said.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry promised to inform the Hungarian neighbors about this as soon as possible.

Earlier, Orban met with football player Balasz Dzsudsak, who played the last match for the Hungarian national team. Around Orban’s neck was a scarf depicting “Greater Hungary”, which existed before the Peace of Trianon in 1920. It included the territories of modern Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia.

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Dmitro Grinichenko

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