“I will not resign voluntarily because I have no reason to do so. I am a manager whose task is to take drastic steps and transform the Czech Post, and that is all that interests me. I do not need to address politics and the effort to save individual politicians. It’s about the post office, I don’t see a reason to resign, “ The head of the Czech Post, Roman Knap, who learned about his end from the media, said in an interview with Seznam Zprávy.

“On Saturday, I was in contact with the chairman of the supervisory board, who, on the contrary, assured me that we would discuss everything on Monday and that means nothing.” he added. Vít Rakušan (STAN) in Questions of Václav Moravec announced on Sunday that he intends to dismiss the CEO of Česká pošta. This happened on the basis of his meeting with the accused businessman Michel Redl.

Accused Michal Redl alias Mišák

“She is trying to save, I think I understand. I find it very strange why the Austrian Minister suddenly needs to act vigorously over the weekend, when my meeting with Mr Redl took place sometime in early November. I made clear statements to him and the media, and suddenly it became a huge topic at the end of June. “ wonders the recalled Knap.

The Austrian himself certainly does not have the feeling that he should follow the accused Petr Hlubuček and Petr Gazdík, who is not accused, but knows Redl well and has a very good relationship with him. Both have resigned, but the Minister of the Interior is not planning anything similar.

“I’m not connected to the case in any way,” he told Czech Television, adding that there were no thoughts on ministry exchanges on the agenda. Prime Minister Petr Fiala also told CNN Prima News that he was not considering an Austrian resignation.

The CEO of Česká pošta learned about his end from television. Vít Rakušan did not inform him personally.

“I have never met businessman Redl, but it is a huge unpleasant surprise to me that some of my colleagues were in close contact with him and cooperated with him when this person is known from the criminal case associated with the convicted criminal Radovan Krejčíř,” Prague councilor Hana Kordová Marvanová, who broke up with the STAN movement in a bad and upcoming election, will run for the Together coalition.

The accused deputy mayor Petr Hlubuček is said to have repeatedly dealt with the Austrian, unfortunately to no avail.

“I contacted the Austrian Austrian and asked him to help solve this situation, but he showed that he could not solve it. I was quite disappointed in this, because I have been trying to fight corruption and promote transparency throughout my political life. Unfortunately, as far as the Prague City Council is concerned, I did not find any support for this in the Prague STAN movement, ” shrugged in an interview for Expres.cz.

Hana Kordová Marvanová

She even sent a resignation letter to the Austrian, in which she reminded him that she had alerted him to the situation around Petr Hlubuček and Stanislav Polčák a year and a half ago and that she was under strong pressure at the time.

“Hana Marvanová has complained to me about Petr Hlubuček’s behavior in the past, but she never told me anything specific.” At the end of April this year, the Minister of the Interior answered a question from the Lidovky.cz server, stating that he did not deal with that letter to Kordová Marvanová.