A fire crackled on the two, on which the tourist made a fire. In the afternoon, there is a cyclist who is adding a stop on his way. He picked up the words in a hole among the trees. The atmosphere of the era literally prevails in the backdrops of the walls of Karlova hrdku. It would be enough for the artisans to unpack the tables with their products, and you would have the feeling of a flea market.

Budjovicko is one of the nine South Bohemian tourist areas, not only the regional town and Hlubok nad Vltavou, which dominates the destination. Nabz and a number of interesting cities, they are not so visited. And a treasure from the 14th century on the left bank of the Vltava belongs to them.

Karlv hrdek was known for a long time as the only ally of Charles IV. with the south of the Czech Republic, an archaeologist would claim after recent research that the first castle was built here near Pemyslovec. Even so, the city has seen a lot of changes in recent years. It changed me in 2018, when the land from Les R was bought by the city of Hlubok nad Vltavou.

The local association even saved the building, because it was overgrown and dilapidated. He also started doing various activities there, not long ago they settled there, for example, Multinr’s music studio Hrd