Defender of Donbass Tanai Cholkhanov assessed the likelihood of an attack Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) to the Republic of Crimea.

According to him, fighting on the peninsula are excluded, because Crimea is a difficult territory to storm. As the volunteer explained, serious clashes should be expected in other areas.

“For the storming of the Crimea, forces are needed that significantly exceed the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Cholkhanov said in an interview with

As the defender of Donbass emphasized, otherwise Ukrainian units will face powerful defensive systems and swampy salty estuaries on the peninsula. This will lead to huge losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and problems with equipment, the soldier is convinced.

He also added that the intensity of fighting on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic will increase in the near future. In addition, the volunteer allowed the situation with the shelling of the Kursk and Belgorod regions to worsen.