Apple’s smart watch, thanks to its function for monitoring the wearer’s heart activity, revealed a hidden health problem that Durkeeov had no idea about. Pitom, after she was repeatedly warned in May that his heart was not working properly, she had it CBS News because it is just a wrong evaluation.

But that night, when her watch showed an alarming warning, she decided to go to the emergency room. And that sp for peace of mind. She was also determined to throw away the watch if it turned out that she was fit on the health page and it was just a false alarm.

No matter what happened, it showed that there was no alarm plan for the day. The dream fibrillation, which the watch repeatedly warned its owner about, was indeed confirmed. Pina’s heart arrhythmia was more serious than anyone would expect. Lkai toti pi vyeten discovered myxoma. It is a rare, but fast-growing, benign tumor mainly in the left side of the heart, which leads first to cardiac arrhythmia and embolism.

At the end of April, Durkee underwent a five-hour operation at the Massachusetts Hospital in Boston, during which a life-threatening tumor of ten centimeters was removed. She is currently recovering at home after a one-day hospital stay and is thankful that the Apple watch she bought to help her monitor her exercise regime and call for help in the event of a fall saved her life. If he didn’t drink enough water, he was in serious danger of having a stroke.

It’s not the first time that Watch their wearer has to save his life. For example, in 2018, Gaston DAquino from Hong Kong was 70 years old sent a letter of thanks to Apple editor Tim Cook. The watch alerted him to high heart activity, so he went to the hospital with his family instead. After being examined by an electrocardiograph, the doctors discovered that two of the main arteries of the heart were completely blocked, and the aunt was blocked by ninety percent. DAquino underwent a release of clogged arteries and was out of danger. By the way, he bought the Apple Watch primarily because of the call alerts, which were often delayed.