After two unsuccessful editions, the Ambar Z Music contest returns to the stage reinvented, adapting to the new times.

There were serious doubts about its continuity. After two years of silence, the Ambar Z Music contest, organized by the Zaragoza City Council, returns as support for Aragonese groups, soloists and DJs. Its new name becomes Zaragoza Mola.

In these times of pandemic, when people who make music need more support, it could not be that this event was not alongside our musicians. The consistory, obviously, has seen it clearly, no one doubted it, and it has just announced at a press conference that these concerts are returning and they are also growing.

The contest will have its semifinals in the Rincón de Goya of the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta. This space is recovered that reconciles nature and culture as it did in the past. The grand finale will be from the Prince Felipe Pavilion together with an international guest group. In addition, all the finalist proposals will record a disc from the Sound Laboratory of the Zaragoza City Council and the winner will go on a European tour.

In the first press conference of seven more in this regard, starring Sara Fernández, the city’s Deputy Mayor, when asked about the budget allocated for such an ambitious project, she declared: «This is not a mega-event of those that I They like them so it can’t be worth much, or what? ». It has continued. “In reality we have lost all the money from the Culture Area to bring Vive Latino and the Feroz Awards here.” It has finished off. “There will be, of course, flowers on stages, seats, dressing rooms, bathrooms and crotches of the organization, to make it absolutely clear that Zaragoza is the world capital of something as beautiful as floral art.”

The contest will have a new philosophy, renewed and more in line with the new times and its jury will have to bet on the trap. Fernández, in this regard, has affirmed: “we are in the wave because we are guachis and we are cool cantidubi dubi dubi”. In this first edition, the current mayor, Jorge Azcón, has made it clear to his most intimate circles that the family is the family and he will not admit another winning band than that of a second cousin of his very rocker, influenced by the rebellion of the group Stool.

Update, 12/29/2021: This information has been published in humorous terms on December 28, the day of the Holy Innocents in Spanish-speaking countries. This is fake news.