Virgin Australia has canceled six percent of its flights in the last few months. However, in 2019, i.e. before the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, it was almost five percentage points lower, according to the Bloomberg agency.

After the relaxation of anti-pandemic restrictions, airlines have not recently faced a great deal of resistance from passengers. In many hundreds of companies in the world, employees make mistakes, which is why they often have to leave at the last minute.

However, the situation worsened due to the loss of hundreds of flight personnel of many airlines due to the summer holidays, which some companies did not have time to react to.

Qantas, Lufthansa or Air New Zealand were among the airlines that travelers could not rely on recently, and which in the past were among the best.

On the other hand, the company Singapore Airlines was the winner in this area, which, from the original weak aviation industry, only managed 0.1 percent of the paid flights. There are no airlines in the analysis. Most of the international flights are closed due to repeated pandemic waves.

The air transport sector is currently experiencing perhaps the fastest growth in the last twenty years. All areas of the tourism industry are facing labor shortages, according to Marc Casto of the Flight Center Travel Group travel agency.

During the pandemic

Airlines have laid off thousands of pilots, flight attendants or security personnel during several pandemics. Now the labor market in many places around the world is notoriously tight, and companies cannot quickly find adequate compensation.

The problem is that the stake of the procedure for some job positions trhave been in air transport for a very long time and fallen tenants cannot quickly jump into heavy traffic. Analysts add that it will take several months for the whole situation to return to normal.

The Netherlands, KLM, said it has canceled flights due to a lack of security personnel on flights. We apologize to our passengers, the company wrote.

The executive editor of Air New Zealand Greg Foran wrote that the airline’s flight was disrupted by an unsustainable period and a three-fold increase in flight sickness. Lufthansa added that it had canceled thousands of flights in Frankfurt and Munich during the year. However, it tries to avoid daily flights in order to minimize the impact on passengers.

In connection with the high rate of down years from the last few weeks, record someone flying around the world like this and ten-digit number of luggage sweat, which arrived elsewhere, not the original one. According to the insurance company Mapfre SA, claims for tax-deductible passengers increased by ten percent compared to 2019.