The airline forced a disabled passenger to board the plane on her own

Employees of the Canadian airline WestJet forced a disabled passenger with paralysis to board the plane on her own. History details reported CTV News publication.

Former Paralympian Sarah Morris-Probert said she traveled from Cabo San Lucas, Mexicohome to Kelowna, Canada. According to the publication, the passenger was offered to be tied to a wheelchair and brought on board with the help of two men. Morris-Probert considered this method unsafe and decided to climb the stairs without assistance.

According to the Paralympian, there was a special ramp on the runway, but the airline employees did not consider it necessary to use it. The passenger complained that she had to climb up dirty metal steps on her own in front of her fellow passengers.

“It was humiliating and disgusting,” Morris-Probert admitted.

She added that she managed to climb the ramp because she was a high-level athlete, and another passenger in a wheelchair in her place would not have been able to do it. Morris-Probert also called on all airlines to make more accommodations for travelers with disabilities.

Previously wheelchair user had to crawling out of an Air Canada plane. The passenger told reporters that upon arrival in Las Vegas, the flight attendant told him that he would have to leave the cabin on his own.

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