The address of the residence of Vladimir Putin’s family during the blockade has been revealed

During the blockade Leningrad parents Vladimir Putin and his older brother Vitya lived in a house on the Obvodny Canal embankment. The correct address of the place of residence of the family of the future president of Russia at that time was given to the publication “Fontanka” researcher Valery Grigorchuk.

The man studied the house books, which made it possible to establish that Putin’s parents at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War moved not to house No. 97 (now 121) on the Obvodny Canal embankment, as was previously thought, but to house No. 47 (now 57), apartment 17 on embankment of the Obvodny Canal. Later, on July 11, 1942, they were evacuated from besieged Leningrad.

In accordance with the entries in the house books, on Obvodny, 47, apartment 17, Maria Ivanovna Putina was registered on January 19, 1942. In April of the same year, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, who returned from the hospital after being seriously wounded in the battles for Leningrad, was registered there. A few days earlier, the president’s elder brother, Vitya, who was 1.5 years old at that time, was taken from the family. According to the head of state, this was done almost forcibly, but they could not save the child – diphtheria claimed his life. Minors at that time did not have registration, and Grigorchuk was able to confirm that Vitya lived at the same address as his parents, thanks to the discovered entries in archival documents for evacuation dated April 17, 1942: “04/18 Putin Vitya, 1g 6 m.” ; Opposite the name was the address: Obvodny, 47, apt. 17.

Putin’s parents returned to Leningrad in 1945, but not to their previous apartment, but to a room on Ryleeva Street. Soon after this, they moved to a communal apartment on Baskov Lane, where Vladimir Putin spent his childhood.

In December the President toldhow his mother won a car in the lottery and gave up her apartment for her son.

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