The actor from “The Boy’s Word” held a training session with Zenit

Actor Leon Kemstach, who played the role of Andrei Palto in the series “A Boy’s Word: Blood on the Asphalt,” held a training session with football players “Zenith”. This is reported on website blue-white-blue.

Kemstach joined the team at the training camp in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Video blogger Subo Mamedov also took part in the activities.

“The training is really intense, and it’s very cool that everyone on the team behaves not like work colleagues, but like real friends – everyone plays, it’s a very cool atmosphere!” — Kemstach shared his impressions.

Previously, the actor of the series Yaroslav Mogilnikov asked V Russian national team on football. Head coach Valery Karpin agreed to accept him, having previously found out “who is the boys on the team and who is the chumps.”

The series “The Boy’s Word: Blood on the Asphalt” directed by Zhory Kryzhovnikova released in December 2023. This painting became the main cultural event of the end of the year in Russia.

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