The protest action with the name This must not point to the barbaric and disgusting strategy of the Russians, who are harassing women and children in Ukraine and thus dreaming of undermining there.

The Czech activists, pulled into panties with red paint sweated around intimate parties and a sack on their heads, stood in front of the Russian embassy in Prague on the day before. Even Pirt MEP Markta Gregorov is there.

Only the reactions to the controversial protest are different. Activists don’t like how many of their character’s values.

It is quite clear that some of them changed my slander more than our message, even though I know that I am in the sixth month of pregnancy. We wanted to draw attention to the violence in Ukraine and some people and my cellulite …, activist Ivet said angrily on Twitter.

She turned out to be misunderstood by the fact that people are relying on the rawness of the protest due to the fact that the models did not take part in it.

For the incomprehensible: I saw myself in the mirror and I didn’t bark over my body, I repaired it after the birth, I beat over a brutally violent pregnant woman who aborted violently, over a group of a violent thirteen-year-old girl and very scary thugs, Ivet said.

The protester is arguing and her unborn daughter takes a photo from her first protest.

It activates people and their cellulite.

Activists do not like that some people and their cellulite instead of the problem intensified Ukrainians by Russian troops.

Protest action in front of the Russian embassy

He gave activists another comment on the comments. Some people, first of all, do not cover in the discussions under their name that such people who protested in front of the Russian embassy do not have to be intensified for a long time.

Ukraine registers hundreds of mucus about sexual violence by Russian soldiers on children and children. There is no doubt that the fall will increase. We can’t report a lot of victims, because the Russians executed a lot of them without mercy.