March 8 in Ryazan, the action “Train of Victory” was held. The railway workers recreated the historical appearance of steam locomotives that arrived at the Rizhsky and Belorussian stations with victorious soldiers in July 1945. The arrival of the train was accompanied by a festive concert.

The point of departure of the train, specially designed for the Victory Day, was the station Ryazan-1. Artists performed on the square in front of the station building. A solemn rally was also held here.

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Ryazan Region Anna Roslyakova on behalf of the governor congratulated the people of Ryazan on the upcoming Victory Day.

“Ryazan has always been and remains a strategically important railway junction. During the Great Patriotic War, especially when the battle for Moscow took place, hundreds of echelons passed through Ryazan, both to the rear and to the front. The evacuees were sent to the rear, armaments and replenishment went to the front.

We thank the Moscow Railways, a branch of Russian Railways, that such a retro train appeared on the Ryazan land. I think that all Ryazan railroad workers, both veterans and those who now work on the railroad and continue to perform strategically important tasks in a special operation, deserve it.”

Deputy Head of the Moscow Railway for Territorial Administration Ivan Ivanov:

“The railroad workers, together with the whole country, forged the Victory with their selfless work. History has preserved many examples of their high service to the Motherland. At the beginning of the war, the Izvestia newspaper wrote: “Railway transport is rightly called in our country the brother of the Red Army. Transport workers connect the active army and the rear, bring troops, weapons, ammunition, equipment to the front.

Ryazan railway workers made a significant contribution to the cause of the Victory. So, at the initiative of the staff of the Ryazan depot, several armored trains were built and sent to the front with funds raised by the Ryazan people. The workers of the Rybnovsky railway junction showed courage and bravery. The enemy tried to disable it in order to cut the main line, along which thousands of echelons were moving to defend Moscow. The railroad uninterruptedly ensured the formatting and passage of trains, eliminated the consequences of shelling and bombing. We remember and honor the heroic past of our Motherland.”

The main federal inspector for the Ryazan region of the office of the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District also spoke at the rally Mikhail Maksimovhead of administration of Ryazan Elena Sorokina. Then the participants honored the labor feat of the railway workers and laid flowers at the memorial plaque installed on the station building.

After the rally, all its participants went to the platform to see off the Victory train. The train went on a symbolic route from the Ryazan-1 station to the Ryazan-2 station. Driving over the bridge over Vokzalnaya Street, he gave a whistle. He was spontaneously echoed by cars passing at that moment along the highway.

Then a festive concert was held at the Ryazan-2 railway station. And the children happily climbed into the train cars and examined the cannon that stood on its platform.