By tradition, on May 9, the Sasovites in the city park were waiting for the “Front Glade” with real soldier’s porridge from the field kitchen.

“For residents of the city, field cuisine is an integral attribute of the holiday. In such cold weather, hot tea and porridge warm. People come not just to eat, but also to remember the events of the Great Patriotic War and honor the memory of the fallen heroes,” says Ilga Guseva, who is responsible for the field kitchen.

Tatyana Larkina, Deputy Head of Educational Work of Kindergarten No. 4:

“Every year we participate in the “Soldier’s Porridge” action, we equip the meadow, we treat the Sasovites with real soldier’s food.”

Message The action “Front-line porridge” was held in Sasovo first appeared on PUBLISHING HOUSE “PRESS”.