As part of the campaign “For a Healthy Future” in Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk, deputies of the United Russia party held an explanatory conversation with children in the school camp of the city on the formation and development of a system of values ​​and promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young people.

The event was held in the camp at secondary school number 4 as part of the party project of the same name “Healthy Future”. It was attended by students of grades 4-5, about 50 people in total.

Positive examples and advantages of maintaining a healthy lifestyle were given

According to party member Naida Kaplanova, at present the issue of health and a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more relevant, especially among young people, since they, despite their still far young age, fall under the harmful influence of society, friends, colleagues, and thereby, destroy themselves.

“Self-destructive behavior” is mildly referred to as “bad habits”: tobacco smoking, alcohol and drug use. Drug use is less common, but the threat to health is many times higher. Bad habits have a negative impact on the life of society as a whole, as well as on the life and activities of the individual individually. At the moment, this problem has become truly global,” she said.