Lawyer Lyubov Larina: the acting head of the region took the initiative to hold meetings of all candidates for the post of governor

Lyubov Larina, Director of the Law Institute of the Russian State University named after Sergei Yesenin, Executive Director and Head of Staff of the Ryazan Regional Branch of the Russian Bar Association, commented on the submission of documents for Pavel Malkov’s participation in the gubernatorial elections. Recall that the voting will take place on September 11.

“I noted for myself the approach of the new leadership of the region to the organization of elections. It is no secret that the collection of signatures of municipal deputies by candidates in the gubernatorial elections is a complex issue. Both the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party, not to mention the smaller parties, are not easy to get through on their own. Now we see that the candidate from the party in power directly declares this problem and offers its open public solution. Pavel Malkov came up with the initiative to hold meetings in which, on the one hand, local municipal deputies will take part, and on the other, all interested candidates from the parties participating in the elections. The candidates will present their action programs to the municipalities, answer their questions, and they will individually decide which of them is worthy of support. I think this will help create conditions for competition in the elections.”