The actress Meghan Markle He has been very absent from the media and royalty for more than a month, but his absence, far from signifying a healthy distance, could have negative consequences for the royal family.

The January 10 the husband of Meghanthe prince harry He launched his memoir book entitled «Spare«, where he tells the public how he has led his life since the death of his mother Princess DianaHe also recounts the attacks he has suffered from his family, when he decided to renounce the duties of royalty.

And although it was estimated that the Duchess of Sussex had distanced herself from her husband in order to give him the freedom to shine on his own, the absence of the actress could have another meaning.

Meghan Markle She has not been completely separated from her husband, she even supports him and they have maintained their unwavering complicity. However, she is more focused worked on her personal projects, the Duchess of Sussex One of her plans is to continue with the work that her husband has been doing.

According to the British media Meghan He is working on his own book of autobiographies, which would perfectly complement the revelations of the prince harrybut written from his approach.

This would be the perfect revenge against the Crown britishafter members of the royal family denigrated the dignity of the American and her children, Meghan Markle’s autobiography would undoubtedly be the biggest attack on the Windsor.