According to Korean media, the group was announced exclusively integrated into the international soccer environment, as one of the most anticipated World Cups by fans, BTS will be part of the main entrance of the presentation with several songs to sing in the world of Qatar 2022.

Because invited by the official sponsor of the World Cup of the FIFA 2022 as part of its “Goal of the Centuary” campaign, with the participation of the members, and although many fans wonder, what will be the song that will give entrance to such a wonderful event, it is unknown.

To date nothing has been planned about what kind of song it will be for the 2022 World Cup, however ARMY I express 4 songs that would be special for this presentation, because they are interpreted with a lot of passion and will be part of an anthem around the world as motivation for the players, here is a list:


The group, upon completing its 23 Guinness World Records, was part of a very important role with this song in the music industry, which would be interesting for fans to see this show starring this song.


One of the songs that managed to be performed on a soccer field, was starred in the World Cup in Seoul, as part of its presentation at the MAMA 2020, clarifying that it would be a very special part and would give an exceptional show for the Qatar World Cup 2022.


This song was specially selected by the fans, since it received several recommendation notes from ARMY, with the opportunity to listen to it live and see the rhythm of the choreography at its best.

mic drop

The attitude of an athlete when playing is received by many critics due to their performance on the court, but this song will be perfect to motivate them with passion and send a message to everyone that they are winners.

What song would be perfect for the BTS World Cup 2022?