Definitely Korea of South has proven to be a very imposing and interactive nation in the realm of k pop, between music and entertainment, so much so that its culture has been marked worldwide, and although its values ​​are splendid, by no means should you be disrespectful in any situation with Koreans.

Their laws and regulations state that they cannot speak in English, or in any other language, so it is offensive to them, and that is why it is important that you learn their native language to avoid certain situations that affect their values ​​and morals.

According to various words that often affect respect towards a Korean, Jungkook I confess that from the beginning, these words were very repeated during her process as a singer, and I hate with all my desire to hear them again:

We explain its meaning:

날씬한: thin

Korea is a place where beauty reigns everywhere, but due to their eating problem and the search for their perfect weight, it has always been a problem for them to be fatter than normal, so you should avoid any comments about their weight .

이름이 뭐니: What is your name

Their culture is based on a general and specific way, nothing out of the ordinary, since when you identify with an adult or young person you always tend to refer to their name in an original way, because they hate being called by nicknames and nicknames.

오빠: Oppa

It is a word that is simply hated, because it is used as an honorific term in Korea, to refer to a young man older than you or your brother, for whom you do not like to be compared to others, due to your height, size and age. .

Certainly never disrespect a Korean, it’s rude!