Jungkook He is described with qualities of a logical, theoretical, abstract person in his way of thinking, critical, analytical and in a general way focused on his personal life, and although out of curiosity the fans want to know and see his illustrations, the idol showed several tattoos on your body with the intention of showing what kind of personality you have and your zodiac sign.

The first time they were revealed during a meeting at the airport, the second time they were shown from various angles on stage, and for many fans they thought it looked very bad, due to the poor quality of the images, they were the victims of much criticism. , but according to the time the member has published each tattoo on social networks, which without a doubt for ARMY discovered the meaning of each of them and which one would suit you best according to your sign.

Currently the member is tattooed all over his arm, it is unknown if also in the torso or in other parts of his body, but if you want a tattoo inspired by Jungkook, then we show you these 3 ideas, which will define your zodiac sign and your personality:


If you belong to the Virgo sign that belongs to the member, this is characterized by minimalist figures or styles, and is a person who, by definition, is critical, highly precise, reserved and patient.

Although this tattoo proves otherwise, if you usually relate to the Scorpio sign, it tends to be related to the strength of snakes, Jungkook nevertheless wanted to combine his tone and demonstrated it with this tattoo:

Number – clocks – numbers

This tattoo corresponds to the Sagittarius sign, since it is characterized by representing clocks, numbers, compasses or arrows, they have a very charming personality and they like the unknown:

birth flower

According to the Taurus sign, they are characterized by being very sensitive, they love to feel security, as a constant need in their lives and it is usually related to flower tattoos, as it is represented with Jungkook’s tattoo, the tiger flower, which without doubt is reciprocated according to your day of birth:

Which tattoo do you think would suit you best?