This is the second and last review of the most read news of a difficult 2021 that has given a lot of itself.

Yesterday we published the first list of the 21 most read news in 2021 from Aragón Musical. You can check it in this link. A few hours after the end of this rare year, we went on to review the top ten most visited content by more than 560,000 people that you have been interested in one way or another by this world phenomenon that is the Aragonese music scene. A phenomenon that, we know, is followed from all over the planet.

In 2020 you were 390,675. It was not but that bad, but sincere thanks for the notable increase of no less than 43.34% in this 2021. We carry on with the usual enthusiasm telling you what happens as long as you continue to the other side.

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The review

This 2021 has not been the best year precisely, but it is true that it has improved compared to 2020 in which from the culture we hit rock bottom. Covid-19 touched us mentally and financially. In addition, they took us a completely emblematic room such as El Zorro.

In the most visited news we find multiple concerts, cycles and open-air festivals, something typical of a pandemic like the current one. Among the most consulted, there are important musical returns and some Heroes of Silence, which without having to return to the stage, have been found to be totally current.

Great people like Javier Maestre and Luis Javier Velilla left a hole for us. There has been no lack, as is traditional in this ranking, neither our beloved Aragonese Music Awards, which this year took place from Alcañiz, nor our no less beloved list of Aragonese recordings most voted by you. Enjoy this first part of this most visited news special.

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The 2021 Ranking (2nd part)

10 – We review the festivals in Aragon that take place in the summer of 2021.

More than twenty festivals were held between the provinces of Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza during the summer of 2021 and in Aragón Musical we made this special so as not to lose sight of them.

The pandemic could not this time with them and although it was not a full summer due to the restrictions, at least we were able to enjoy good live music.

Special Festivals in Aragón 2021 of Aragón Musical.
Special Festivals in Aragón 2021 of Aragón Musical.

9 – Bunbury announces tour in 2022.

After three years without touring, Enrique Bunbury will celebrate his 35-year recording career with an international tour in 2022. You will review songs from all stages, from the beginning with Heroes of Silence (1987-1996), going through the first solo stage with the Walking Hurricane (1997-2005) and the last years with The Holy Innocents. This announcement did not go unnoticed precisely despite being made in the middle of summer.

Enrique Bunbury in Zaragoza on December 16, 2017. By Isabel Mallor
Enrique Bunbury in Zaragoza on December 16, 2017. By Isabel Mallor

8 – You can now vote for the most outstanding Aragonese records of 2021.

At the end of August we start the voting period to find out which are according to the people who visit Aragón Musical the most outstanding Aragonese records of 2021.

Until the last day of the year there is time to configure the list of favorite recordings, whether these are long, short, singles or whatever they want to be.

Aragonese Records 2021
Aragonese Records 2021

7 – 30 years of Héroes del Silencio, Niños del Brasil and Las Novias in concert.

Celebrating three decades of the mythical concert of Héroes del Silencio, Niños del Brasil and Las Novias, we published the audio of the concert in October in full together with a commemorative text of that historic day.

Another one would also get a lot of repercussion news in which we would share a video with 7 minutes of the remembered night of the La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza.

6 – Luis Javier Velilla, from groups like Alice and Maut, dies at 46.

It was unexpectedly at just 46 years old. We are still in total shock. The musician Luis Javier Velilla left us in May. The last thing we enjoyed about him was thanks to ‘Zanzera and Espullada‘, an album in which he participated with guitars and basses as the premiere of Just go, personal project of his friend Diago Lezaun. His have been, mainly, guitars and basses and, since the 90s, in restless electronic and rock soundtracks..

Luis Javier Velilla playing in Maut.  Photo by Javier Rosa.
Luis Javier Velilla playing in Maut. Photo by Javier Rosa.

5 – ‘The girls’, with a soundtrack by Aragonese groups, triumphs in the Forqué.

The film ‘The girls’, by the Aragonese director Pilar Palomero, was proclaimed best film at the 26th Forqué Awards of cinema and series. It would not be his only prize. This feature film would be the great winner of the very Goya of Spanish Cinema. The film, pure Aragonese, takes us to the beginning of the 90s and has a soundtrack with no lack of local bands of those years.

Among the songs that make us enter the time of the Barcelona Olympics are ‘Thirst for revenge’ and ‘Friday’ of Children of Brazil. Also present are the ‘Bet on rock’n’roll’ by More Birras, ‘The abortion of the hen’ by Manolo kabezabolo and the mythical ‘Hero of legend’ from Heroes of Silence.

4 – INTERVIEW: Miguel Ángel Lamata producer of ‘Héroes: Silencio y Rock & Roll.

In spring, our admired Carlos Gurpegui would interview Miguel Ángel Lamata, producer of the documentary on Héroes del Silencio for Aragón Musical which would premiere on Netflix. It was a conversation with enough crumb to occupy the top positions of the hottest links of Aragón Musical.

From Aragón Musical we made several previews of the film. ‘Heroes: Sience And Rock & Roll’ would also get a nomination for the Goya Spanish Film Awards. Alexis Morante directs the film in collaboration with Bemybaby Films.

3 – Alcañiz will host the 22nd Aragonese Music Awards already dated.

The announcement of the date of the Aragonese Music Awards that would finally go to the province of Teruel obtained a lot of interest. Alcañiz would host the awards ceremony with the greatest anticipation. It could be seen one more year from Aragón Tv and it would be, for the first time, outdoors to avoid contagion by covid.

These recognitions to a large part of the Aragonese music scene organized by Aragón Musical, reached their 22nd edition thanks to the Government of Aragon, the Teruel Provincial Council, the Alcañiz City Council, Covah and Rampa sound and lighting, Universidad San Jorge and Cervezas Ambar.

two – DELACUEVA named by Fernando Simón in the program ‘Lo de Évole’.

During the night of March 14, we were surprised by a flood of visits to the file on our group portal OF THE CAVE. It didn’t take long to find out what was happening. One of the characters of the year, the epidemiologist Fernando Simón, had just named this band as his favorite group. He did it from the television station La Sexta.

He also recognized that the bassist of the formation is none other than his nephew. It did not take long for us to publish this news, which in a few hours became one of the most visited in the 17-year history of this platform.

DELACUEVA would continue to be news during 2021 months later for winning the Best Group category at the 22nd Aragonese Music Awards, from Alcañiz, and the singer could not go to collect the trophy as he was in the dungeon for having been detained due to a confusion that would not take long to be resolved. Cloth.

one.- These are the concerts of the ‘no parties’ of Pilar 2021.

In September we made a special that we were updating with all the concerts of the ‘non-parties’ of Pilar 2021. The result was an austere schedule despite the almost two million euros invested in carrying it out.

The empty chairs and the continuous problems of the public to reserve seats online, embittered the enormous restrained desire to go out on the streets again in these days of habitual acts for all audiences.

Image of the 'no parties' of Pilar 2021
Image of the ‘no parties’ of Pilar 2021

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