Miller’s prom night is the best summary of not just his senior year, but his entire career and legacy at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

To the delight of the entire family and school, he scored three touchdowns, including two when the defense stopped a game that gave him a chance to lead the Fightin’ Irish to a 30-17 victory over Bellarmine. , air and return. He completed with a celebratory slide, 34 yards for a touchdown after crossing the goal line.

Miller is the San Francisco High School Freshman Football Player of the Year for his contributions this season and the overall legacy he will leave at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

The steal was Miller’s fourth of five saves this season, a testament to his dynamic playmaking abilities that have made the Fighting Irish not only a perennial favorite but also an often slow community supporter, when it comes to sports.

Kevin Buckley, an SHC graduate who serves on the school’s Board of Regents and has spoken at many events, said it’s great to see athletes helping athletes at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

By 2021, sporting events at Sacred Heart Cathedral generally drew large crowds beyond Bruce-Mahoney and St. Ignatius. There are national soccer tournaments, a post-pandemic student body eager to get out and socialize, and a strong student body playing SHC sports for a Western Catholic Athletic League (WCAL) crowd. known as

The entire student body is involved, Buckley said. There is a lot of energy behind the sports department. Many students who had never participated in these games before did so this year because they were fun to watch.

The winning senior, Knight Bellarmine, was a great example of the new passion and support in the SHC community. The needle won back-to-back games against rivals, San Jose, before 2021, but players like Miller can not only produce spectacular games together, but they can also inspire generations of alumni, the home team roared at Keizer Stadium every week.

It is a symbiotic relationship that becomes evident in the classroom. At Bruce Mahoney’s volleyball game, Miller led chants before the SHC student section and his teammates Ryan Bower, Jerry Mixon Jr., Jay Murphy, and Jordan Solofa-Fatu.

“We are very happy because they would have packed the school during the Covid period,” said coach Antony Evans. “Many children would have marched, but the lesson continued. They always represent the people well. ”

In fact, one of the survivors of the Irish squad could be chosen as a representative of the team. Isaiah Keishak and Kendrick Sanders excel on the field and in the classroom despite their speech problems, while Mixon is Oregon’s third committed star.

What made Miller stand out from the crowd for winning player of the year? There are five defenders. He caught a fumble in game six against Burlingame, he caught another fumble from Mitty and another from Bellamine. The pick that brought the Bells home in the third quarter was a technical point.

He rushed for 43 yards in the last minute of the SHC Stanfel Cup win over Riordan, a win over the city’s WCAL rivals and the end of the year.

Not downplaying his skills, Miller was quick to say that he had six defensive tackles against Valley Christian when asked about his season.

Miller signed with Fresno State in December. 20, picking the Bulldogs over Arizona, Arizona State, and Western Kentucky. He signed with ASU in June but announced his resignation on Dec. 8 after staff coach Chris Claiborne was unable to remain on the Suns’ new coaching staff.