State Duma supported in the second and third readings, simplification of age marking for literature.


The initiative eliminates most of the existing age markings that appear on works of art and literature. According to the amendments, only the marking “18+” will remain mandatory.

In this case, there will no longer be markings “0+” and “16+”. Instead of these designations, copyright holders will, at their discretion, place information about the recommended age category “by any means possible”: on books, posters, announcements, entrance tickets, invitations, or on the screen before the start of the film.

It is allowed to apply marking in free form: “for family reading”, “for family viewing”, “for family visiting”, “for preschoolers”, “for children of primary school age”, “for children of secondary school age”, “for older children school age”, “not recommended for children”. In addition, any wording similar in meaning, clearly and clearly conveying the meaning, is possible.

In addition, changes in the law establish that books included in general education programs cannot be prohibited from distribution to children. Also, the main religious texts of the four traditional religions are removed from the scope of the bill. From now on, books on religion will not be marked with an age limit.

The law also stipulates situations when the rental certificate for a film must contain information about the prohibition of its distribution among children.