Where did she put that bitch? Actress Tereza Bebarov (47) is not only a specialist in acting and confectionary, but also a consultant for thick lines. On Instagram, the mother of two showed off in a swimsuit to demonstrate how you can help yourself from a bulging belly on your sexy body.

An actress Tereza Bebarov although she visited Pee around the world and liked to taste sweets, she is otherwise a big supporter of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle.

What did she also prove on her Instagram profile, where she showed off in a swimsuit even after two children. And if they were the hell apart, the photos would have been taken at the same time.

It’s a pain in the back of my body, and the nice brunette wants to take less, but she also wants to give me advice on how to get a flat stomach without spending all day and night in the gym.

Since I was a child, my mother has been looking for doctors, because I have been going to school since I was a child. That’s why, when I was a little girl, my parents took me to ballet so that I could learn how to move my body properly and build up my muscles. And so I thought that I would take a picture of how to change the attitude of everything completely, showed a huge difference.

Tereza Bebarov advises how to have flat bko.

And what is the guaranteed recipe for not suffering from a protruding navel?

Put your ass down, tighten your butt, pull yourself out of your shoulders
and smile. The right attitude still works wonders. And when the hunter takes care of the ground and the outside, it is a sign of idols,
added the mother of two the other day.

And orthopedists, who tell people how to walk properly from morning to night, would probably agree with his advice.