Influencer Tnu Tenikov (26) has coped with the life test and even takes it as a priority. Thanks to the disintegration, it is stronger and more balanced, it has come to know life from other sites. Instead of covering herself, she decided to take life as it is and not to suffer from this handicap.

In 2018, influenza Tnu Tenikov he turned his life upside down. Instead of enjoying a romantic holiday in Istanbul, after the burn on her desk, she lost 35 percent of her body, unfortunately on the most visible walls of the body, ie the lower back and neck. The youtuber herself had to fight a mass mental problem because of that, but according to her, she recovered on her own. She didn’t even need help from a therapist.

It’s a gradual way. I can’t count to blame it, but the hunter is gradually getting along. Of course, I’ve taken a lot of the aesthetic steps I’ve taken to honor them. It’s a journey he will probably never ride, described Tna in front of the camera Express on Debbie Brown’s litter.

She will never be like two, but even on such a life test she tries to find some positives.

I still think there aren’t scars and they’re so pretty. Girls and acne and a lot of other things, I don’t take it that way either, I take it more as my uniqueness. I love them and they are my bite, she added with a clear view.


Tnu Tenikov confirmed the new relationship.

life for yourself has not changed significantly for her, going on a luxury holiday, buying clothes and handbags .

Tnu Tenikov does not go to a romantic veee in Italy alone.

According to her personal development after the tragedy of life, she relied on herself. She didn’t even look for a psychologist, she had to fight alone.

I’m a strong personality, my mom was always strong, so it’s about to n, closed.