The marriage of the Mexican singer, Thaliahas been involved in several rumors of a possible separation with her husband, the businessman Tommy Mottolaafter he allegedly committed an infidelity.

According to entertainment media, the current couple is not doing very well in their marriage, and they assure that they have had several problems and discussionsall due to rumors that Mottola could be involved in a Romance with the peruvian artist Leslie Shawwho is much younger than his wife, Thalia, by 18 years apart.

In the last week a former maid of the couple, who asked that her identity not be revealed, has confessed several details about the life of the famous singer, such as the fact that the couple has never slept together in a room, and that they each have a separate room, a bed and even a bathroom.

Still without confirming anything, the couple continues to share happy moments on their social networks, but this may be affected by the rumors that the tabloid press has recently created about their marriage, and that is that a person close to the couple has said the following: “I am sure that many people know that it is gossip because it is not the first that they believe Thalia. This is the fourth time this same person has done it.”.