Texas Lieutenant Governor Patrick called on Biden to “get out of the way.” Oklahoma and Florida decided to help the rebellious state

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick called on the president USA Joe Biden “get out of the way.” This is what he’s talking about stated on Fox News.

“The biggest mistake the Biden administration can make is to become confrontational with law enforcement, with our military and the National Guard at our border,” he warned.

The politician also emphasized that Texas authorities are ready to accept volunteers from other states. “If Joe Biden gets out of our way, we will do our part and secure the border. We don’t need them,” Patrick concluded.

Earlier, the Texas National Guard seized part of the US border and Mexico, banning access to it by agents of the US Federal Border Patrol. Local authorities explained these actions as a desire to prevent migrants from illegally crossing the border.

Texas refused to obey Washington’s orders

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton finally rejected directing the White House administration to give border officials full access to the border with Mexico. US Department of Homeland Security demanded that the order be fulfilled by Friday, January 26, but Paxton refused in writing.

The text states that Texas will do everything to defend against the Joe Biden administration’s attempts to “undermine the state’s constitutional right to self-defense.” He essentially repeated his claim that the Supreme Court and the White House are condoning foreign invasion of the United States.

In turn, the senator from the rebellious Texas Ted Cruz statedthat Biden is not intentionally fighting illegal immigration. “Biden wants this to happen,” the politician said. He called the situation on the US-Mexico border the worst in history. According to Cruz, while Biden has been in the White House, almost 10 million illegal migrants have entered the country. Commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision to remove barriers in Texas near the border with Mexico, the senator said he was very angry.

Two states decided to send the National Guard to help Texas

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt stated, which will send the state’s National Guard to help Texas. He explained that he was ready to help the rebellious state, since President Joe Biden does not have the authority to control the National Guard. “I have already discussed the issue with my general Thomas Mancino, we are in touch with Texas Governor Greg Abbott,” the politician said. Governor of Florida Ron Desantis also did not rule out that the state would provide similar support to Texas.

Against the backdrop of these statements became knownthat Customs and Border Protection officials have abandoned the fight with the Texas National Guard and will not remove the razor wire that state authorities have installed along the border with Mexico. The US Supreme Court decided to remove all border restrictions, but Texas did not agree with this decision, which became the reason for the confrontation.

A senior agency official told Fox News that the Border Patrol is in close contact with Texas security agencies, including the National Guard. If border guards urgently need to be at one of the sections of the border, the issue will be resolved together with representatives of the state authorities. The trade union of customs officers also stated that the border guards will not fight the National Guard and will not arrest them.

The White House spoke out about the Texas riot

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre statedthat the Texas authorities, through their actions, are aggravating the crisis situation on the US-Mexico border. “Texas authorities are not following court orders, which is literally the law. We want Border Patrol to be able to do their job, and Governor Abbott is preventing that from happening,” she said. When asked whether the president could temporarily reassign the Texas National Guard to withdraw it from the border, Jean-Pierre could not answer.

However, experts believe that the conflict between the Texas authorities and the government in Washington over the migration crisis will be resolved “sooner or later.” In particular, the ex-adviser of the Russian-American Presidential Commission under State Department James Carden expressed confidence in the normalization of the situation, while he admittedthat the situation could significantly harm Biden on the eve of the US presidential election.

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