Texas Attorney General Refuses to Follow White House Instructions

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton finally rejected the White House administration’s direction to give border officials full access to the border with Mexico. According to CBS News, US Department of Homeland Security demanded that the instruction be complied with by Friday, January 26. However, Paxton gave a written refusal.

The text indicates that Texas will do everything to defend against the administration’s attempts Joe Biden “undermine the state’s constitutional right to self-defense.”

A few days ago, Paxton on his Facebook page (prohibited in Russia; belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) wrote that the Supreme Court and the White House are condoning foreign invasion USA.

Thus, Paxton responded to the decision of the US Supreme Court, which on January 22 ordered the removal of wire fences in Texas on the border with Mexico. However, the state authorities refused; other Republican governors and the former president of the country spoke out in support of Governor Greg Abbott’s actions Donald Trump.

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