Dkovaka football player Pardubice.
| photo: TK

The entrants also won five special league dueles. Pardubice scored points in all five rounds of the superstructure, of which they won a week and finally controlled the group for protection. Teplit, who had the certainty of being in the bar before the duel, on the other hand, gained only two points in the superstructure and occupied the penultimate place. Severoei will compete for the highest competition in the double team with the second team, the Vlaim league.


We followed Utkn minute by minute

Teplit etili sly at the bar. Trenr Jarok used only two games from past the starting line-up and gave the game a solid compensation. Goalkeeper Mucha, armor Hora and Egyptian ass El Magrb joined the league.

Pardubice, which was in their power to save the draw, became more active. In eight minutes, he got behind the defense of Lupa, but Mucha found out. In the 37th minute at the guest led. Mucha pulled out the elk’s table from a new kick, but erv shook me in front of the goal and returning Bulmaga, he knocked the balloon into his own st. In addition, the young Moldovan armor also foul caused the previous standard situation.

Cade fought back, but Domc Glman found out. On the other side, Moulis. Shortly after the race, the home team had the greatest opportunity to settle before the sad 1228, but Proka caught Mark’s goalie.

In the 68th minute, he led me to Patrk’s table and the house was saved by a log. But they celebrated Vchodoei. After a corner kick weld, he worked his way through a short hole and made a final decision. The grandfather Huf and Sychra did not take the pot, but the guests did not have to regret it. In the second season of the first league, they escaped.