The snow season opened in Teplice on Saturday, but at the same time the curiosity of the football career closed. At the Separation of Legends, the fans in Stnadly applauded the home icons Ljevakovi and Rezek, who said goodbye professionally boldly, as well as the represented masseur Poustek, just ended his club career.

ڞ asn action. The group I started in twenty years ago came together. What an incredible word when I realize it. It’s about the Farewell of Legends, but I’m not a legend. I took it as a separation for all the boys who did great work and great football here, said Rezek, a two-year-old champion with Sparta, and a champion with Pilsen.

Separation of Teplice legends Admir Ljevakov (at my place), Jan Rezek and mason Eduard Poustka.

Perfect! Super people, super group, drank a lot of people. All things have come true, no reason to be sad. Somehow my emotions got into my heart, but life goes on, Bosan told Ljevak, who was seventy years old, and spent 15 seasons on Stnadly alone. Together with Rezek, he kicks in the tetiligov reserves of Teplice and both join the club in Trenčín. Before the fight, they received bouquets and a cartoon.

The exhibition of the lute Ljeva tmu with blue Rza tmem ended in a draw 8: 8 and brought two shorts of track shorts Petr Radu and Frantik Strak against each other.

Most importantly, it’s not an exhibition. But if they confirmed, dissect too! Rada lut rumbled and before he stepped on the hit he shouted with a laugh at the decision: You don’t have to be today!

Admir Ljevak with his son.

The Magpie also turned out to be hec. Watch them soften, if not, fly in there, conducted your darkness. Bohuel tatark nen, he laughed and looked around the stadium: Here I started a career, let the boys not. If it weren’t for this, you wouldn’t even have Frant Strak in the ech.

From the lists breathed history of Teplice, after the hit you Verb and Diveck vibrated like years ago, first Horvth, canons Zelenka and Mahmut, technician Doleal. The main act Rezek met for the first time among adults in the same jersey with his old brothers David and Karel, who are heavier in the matador league. They probably got the Sunar when they were young, the youngest sibling.

Separation of Teplice legends Admir Ljevakov, Jan Rezek and mason Eduard Poustka.

The club always beat jersey 9, which was worn by the legendary tonk glass Pavel Verb. And symbolically named after him the sector devt. After a break at ml, just a leotard with a name tag, the word disappeared. They kept it a secret, I had no idea. This club gesture is sweating, surprising, nice, nice. Go before the sun. A great deal, moved Verbe, who works at the club as the head of the league team. Today is a dog 11 years old, when I lounged with Kariri j. On the day of the song!

Poustka amused the audience by eyeing an injured game. Svjejcmu put a epic with a pompom on Mare’s head. And when he wanted to heal Horvth, he used to be a plumber, and the comedian took a cold spray and threw it away, but took a can of beer from the masseur. And he gave the rest to the others.

Separation of Teplice legends Admir Ljevakov, Jan Rezek and mason Eduard Poustka (left). Pavel Horvth (in blue) also had a good time.

His sons Mak and Din, also with slem 5, also shot at the hit next to Ljevakovie, both of them enrolled among the insoles and young and tt on the gl. Unique family hat trick. The young is seven, the old is eleven. Football, for me, it was an unreal experience for me, he lived with Ljevak, who also had a yellow card. He is the league record holder in them. They pushed Slavka on the goal and the decision didn’t work out. My classic also drank: I was yelling at him to call a yellow one. And it worked out.

Actor Marek Taclk, a native of nearby Chlumec and a rock fan, or a member of the Teplice band Kabt Ota Va and Tom Kruhlich also sat on the benches; they didn’t go into the game, Taclk because of a sore knee and in a squabble, when all the acts of separation broke into the squirrel. The mod then made an unmarried defensive maneuver, held hands and joined together in a long, impenetrable chain.

When the match ended, the club said goodbye to Tonko Jakub Mare. He did not renew the hero’s contract at the bar. It came down to me when I drank among the boys. You go to the ramp, Mr. gives me a beer and thanks us for making it. It’s not easy, but it’s life, lil Mare.

Ljeva tm – Rza tm 8: 8 (3: 2)

Goals: Mahmutovi 2, Mare, vlastn, M. Ljevakovi, A. Ljevakovi, D. Ljevakovi, Stoick – Zelenka 4, J. Rezek 2, Rilke.

Ljeva tm:
Slavk – Breite, A. Ljevakovi, Vachouek, Verb, Stoick, Mare, Doleal, Poton, Merzi, Luk, Vondrek, Jindrek, Matula, Rosa, Mahmutovi, Ali, Jabandi, D. Ljevakovi, M. Ljevakovi.

Darkness: Grigar – D. Rezek, Rampek, Frala, K. Rezek, Lengyel, Tesak, Zelenka, Verb, Horvth, Diveck, Doleal, J. Rezek, Hunal, Va, Dragoun, Krulich, Rilke, Taclk.

Masr Poustka picked up the microphone and conducted the call. He lowered his cigi caga and sang the High Juniper, everyone joining him. Rm before pokik I prepared in advance, but I did not expect him as full as I wanted. Emotions faltered with me. And I never did it at the stadium, the former sparan admitted. The farewell was nice, I would plead it. There are miles when people call and cry vs. everyone.

In the end, all those legends flew through the air. First they played and fired Rezek, then the Ljevak family, and when the boiler, which filled the atmosphere with smokestacks and flares, gave out Poustka, they also caught up with him. I wasn’t as much about myself as I was about boys, throwing up to 110 kilos of fun, Poustka laughed.

In a moment, those Teplice stars symbolically touched the stars.