In the Rostov region, on the federal highway M-4 Don, the repair of the roadway continues around the clock. Specialists from five contractors lay about 10,000 tons of asphalt concrete every day.

In particular, 180,364 m2 of asphalt concrete pavement was laid on the May Day weekend. For this, 31,474 tons of asphalt mix were produced at nine asphalt concrete plants.

The road workers will also work on the upcoming holiday weekend. They are faced with the task of completing the repair of the roadway by the peak of the summer holiday season – mid-June.

Due to the work carried out, as a result of which the road to the south will become more comfortable, a temporary traffic organization scheme has been introduced in the Rostov region in a number of sections. Avtodor state company asks drivers to be careful during the trip and follow the rules of the road.

Recall that the federal road builders planned to bring sections of the M-4 Don highway from 801 to 860 km, from 950 to 974 km, 982 to 1007 km into the normative state.

We previously reported that during an accident on the Don highway the driver was hurt.