Telegram released the last update in 2022, says on the messenger site. “Paper” lists new features that are offered to users.

  • Hidden media. Now you can hide not only the text: the recipient will see the hidden photos and videos by touching the message. To activate this function, when attaching a file, you need to select the “Hide under spoiler” command.
  • Saving device memory. Users can choose how often the device’s memory is automatically cleared of unnecessary materials. This will waste less memory.
  • New Photo Editor Tools. The developers have redesigned the photo editor built into the messenger: for example, now the lines are automatically smoothed when drawing. A blur effect is also available.
  • Profile photos of contacts. When editing your contacts, you can set custom photos for them. These pictures will only be visible to you.
  • Hiding members in large groups. Administrators can hide the list of group members. This feature was introduced for groups with more than 100 members.
  • New emoji. Telegram artists have created ten new animated emoji sets for premium users. In addition, the messenger has new interactive emoji.

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