He King Charles III of England and the queen consort Camilla Parker recently visited the district of Brick Lane in London, generating great expectations among the population. The arrival of the monarchs was greeted with enthusiasm and a song in their honor.

During the official visit, the king and queen visited the Brick Lane Mosque, where a small but shocking incident took place. When taking off his shoes to access the interior of the Muslim temple, a tear was noticed in the sock of the King Charles IIIexposing this small oversight.

Although it is not known for certain how this break occurred, it may have been the result of the king’s daily activities or a simple oversight on the part of his team of assistants. However, this incident has been the topic of conversation in the media and on social networks, generating various reactions among the public.

In general, the visit King Charles III and Camilla Parker a Brick Lane was a success and demonstrated the love and respect that the population has for the Royal Family. Despite the small mishap with the sock, the monarchs fulfilled their mission to connect with the community and learn more about their traditions and customs.