The tea company Ekaterra used to be owned by Unilever, but has recently been sold Luxembourg company CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII. Apparently, the latter decided to liquidate business in Russia (while Unilever itself, on the contrary, promises to continue the production of its goods).

About the stop of sales to Izvestia told in the press service of Ekaterra. They explained that they made such a decision because “the current situation does not allow us to develop our business stably.” Teas under the Lipton, Brooke Bond and Saito brands will cease production by the end of 2022, at which time they will disappear from store shelves.

By data telegram channel Mash, the employees of the plant in St. Petersburg have already been explained that the company will be liquidated and the staff will be reduced. This was announced at a staff meeting.

When CVC first bought the tea company from Unilever, Ekaterra CEO John Davison said: “Ekaterra is a strong business with good growth momentum. A new stage of development awaits him as the world leader in the tea business with CVC.” The deal did not include Unilever’s tea business in India, Nepal and Indonesia, and the company’s stake in Pepsi and Lipton’s iced tea joint ventures.