On February 23, the renowned Colombian singers and dancers Shakira and Carol G.they released what would be their new collaboration single, which is titled «TQG“, which generated a lot of controversy, since almost nobody knew what these acronyms meant.

Many of Shakira’s fans and followers even came to believe that the acronym meant “i love you gerard» obviously referring to his ex-partner and father of his children, Gerard Piquéand this caused a furor in the networks, since this misunderstanding began to spread.

«The one who told you that a void is filled with another person, lies to you. It’s like covering a wound with makeup that you can’t see, but you feel”, “tell your new baby that I don’t compete for men, that I’m pulling, that at least I had you pretty” are some of the verses that can be heard in the song.

The real meaning of the new collaboration between these two great artists «TQG» deals with the feeling of a love that he is no longer there and is with another person, that as we can see, the lyrics carry messages of strengthening and some hints for certain people that it is no longer necessary to name to know who it is.