The popular American artist has been positioned at #1 in the ranking of the stars that most pollute planet earth, thanks to all the carbon emissions they generate each year.

In a recent article published by the site British The Tab various artists and the negative impact on the environment of the constant use of private jets were analyzed.

It has been there, where they have compiled the 10 celebrities that have done the most pollution to the environment, remaining number 1 Taylor Swift with his many private jet trips.

In the same article, the well-known artist in the United States is mentioned as the artist with the most broadcasts of CO² has created with the use of this means of transport with a total of 8.3 TONS released into the atmosphere, surpassing other celebrities such as Jay-Z, Kylie Jenner Y floyd mayweather.

The article points out how the many private flights made by artists generate a large amount of carbon emissions each year that are massively detrimental to the layer of Ozone, in charge of protecting the planet earth from the violent ultraviolet rays coming from the sun and that cause a continuous increase in temperature and other risks, including carcinogenic diseases.