It seems that Taylor Swift She is very attached to her current record label, Republic Records. Monte Lipman, founder and CEO of the record company, has an interview with Billboard and asks about his work with the singer.

In the interview, Monte Lipman recalled when his birthday boy told a friend: “Taylor Swift works for my dad“. Then he corrected this information: “Kids, just to be clear: Daddy is the one who works for Taylor Swift”He recalled.

Maybe you know, but Monte Lipman played a big role in Taylor Swift’s transition from country to pop. “I have a very keen instinct about projects and I am very happy to benefit from your talent.“Says Lipman. “I’ve defended his move from country to pop, and I’ll never forget that I told him that ‘Shake It Off’ was what I thought the first single should be.”He recalled.

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Taylor Swift also said she notified the sale a week before the album was released. ‘folklore‘. I have even listed a speech to defend the project, but I don’t need it as the support was immediate.

I’m calling to tell my team at Republic to release a secret quarantined album called folklore and I wanted to release it next week. I had prepared a speech to persuade my record company that I would do this. You should have known that you don’t have to use it, because Monte reacted as he had been given the best news of his life. He gets excited about music in a very contagious way. Hard work doesn’t scare you. Challenges tire you out. I am very lucky to be on your team”He added.