It’s me, Hi, I’m the problem, It’s me! is one of the verses of Anti Hero most sung by Americans in the spokes of the country of Anglo-Saxon music since then.

Taylor Swift She is very busy, but it does not indicate anything bad, on the contrary, she comes with a sold-out world tour and is having #1 success on the United States Radio, her native country. Which many haters don’t think is a good thing.

And well, speaking of numbers, the song in addition to remaining in the Spotify Global TOP 10, It has stayed for more than 1 week at #1 on the radio, with the following numbers:

The song (leader single) by midnights It has an audience of 99,270,000 million this week, an impressive number, because as can be seen, sam smith with unholy is almost 10 million people behind.

Payola accusations

In this case, we want to disprove this, because the Spins that swift generated 143 and managed to gather an audience of 1.47m, while stronger competitors such as SZA with kill bill with 750 Spins (Transmissions on the radios) he achieved 1.2m and Sam Smith with 457 spins achieved 1.12m.

These numbers would indicate that Antihero is a potentially stable single to continue as the most successful single of the moment in the United States. This is the most recent list:

At the moment his other single “Lavender Haze” It has more than 33 million weekly audience.