“It’s time for me to find a real partner in life. I’m looking around. The men’s attacks are brutal, but I’m taking some time. It is still healing and one is getting from such a big change for some time. I don’t want to push myself and start anything now. I don’t have anyone, but I’m looking forward to a new beginning, “confided Taťána Kuchařová in the second part of a big interview for the Showtime show.

According to the model, her ex-husband Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý is responsible for her behavior and some unflattering articles in the boulevard. He responded to a question about commenting on the situation with an SMS message. “I don’t want to comment on it anymore and it will infest the public space.”

“I never burned anything he couldn’t do for himself. One of the many infidelities burned through the photos, he was to blame. And this has been on the air for a long time, being with Daniela. It is a fact that they have moved their relationship to another level after the two of us were fresh after reuniting and working on the family at the time. That is why I understand that they do not want to comment on this. Their karma, their happiness, I let things flow. It will eventually show how it all is, “he says.

“I think that in the end, I did very well for what he went through and what I went through. It was unbelievable lies, manipulations and swearing to the death of one’s own family … Really unreal things. I believed that, “Kuchařová describes, adding that she would only like her ex-husband’s other partners to settle everything with the same dignity as she did.

“I do not wish anyone any harm. I believe it all adds up somewhere. It is everyone’s conscience and karma. I am a believer and the last point behind all this for me will be the annulment of our church alliance, because it was not sincere. It’s a huge life experience for me, maybe I’ll thank him for it one day. As for the change of surname on social networks, I am trying to do so, but Instagram and Facebook are not responding yet, “the model added.

“I cut my hair and my past. The change of hairstyle came mainly due to a new campaign, which I recently photographed in Mallorca. It was an opportunity, I took it, “he says Tatana Kucharova with the fact that a few days ago she learned from the tabloid media that she was suffering from serious mental problems.

I was not the reason for the divorce of Ondřej and Taťána, rejects Písařovicová

“It simply came to our notice then. On the contrary, I am a healthy person who solves his life situation, which my former partner got me into, from scratch and honestly, “fights the model. “I don’t think it’s a shame to admit it when you visit a therapist. Definitely not a psychiatrist, please. Someone else needs me here, not me, “Kuchařová laughs.

“It simply came to my notice then. I think it’s important to share these things. Because I’m not the only one who’s had a toxic relationship. Thanks to the guidance of the therapist, one understands a lot. That, on the contrary, I am the healthy person, “he explains. “It helped me a lot to get away with it and understand things that don’t really make sense, because you think completely differently. I’m better overall. I think you can see it. I feel good and I am fully immersed in work, “he says, adding that if she was not mentally well, she would not be able to work and function at all.

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m looking forward to the new life I’ve started. It wasn’t my choice, but now I’m actually happy for it. Because I got out of it in time. God forbid, ”adds Taťána Kuchařová.

Daniela Písařovicová and Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý in the show Incognito (2022)

Miss World 2006 and musician Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý they started dating together in 2013. Three years later a wedding took place in the Strahov Monastery. In December 2021, the paparazzi photographed the musician repeatedly alongside a colleague from the theater, dancer Zuzana Pilná. The musician then admitted that he had practically not lived with his wife since the summer. Then the couple Gregor Brzobohatí a few days later published a joint statement on their instagram profiles.

We are divorced. Until the last moment, these were pathological lies, says Kuchařová

“We will keep the specific reasons for our breakup to ourselves, but we would like to emphasize that our problems do not relate to mutual hostility or unwillingness or inability to start a family,” they told their followers at the time.

The musician has been married for four and a half years to the production and former PR manager of Nova TV, Johan Indráková, now Arletová. They divorced the divorce in March 2013. Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý is currently seen alongside the presenter Daniela Písařovicová. According to Kuchařová, she has been in a relationship with Brzobohatý for about half a year.