Tarasova appreciated Valieva’s choreographic element that counted for the fall

Honored Coach of the USSR Tatiana Tarasova appreciated the choreographic element in the figure skater’s performance Kamila Valievacounted for a fall at the stage of the Russian Grand Prix series in Kazan. Her words lead TASS.

“She had a slip, which the judges considered a fall. Everything has already been said about this, although I didn’t consider it a fall, it didn’t even occur to me,” Tarasova said.

On November 12, Valieva took fourth place at the Grand Prix in Kazan, scoring 213.59 points. She fell on a quadruple sheepskin coat and made a mistake on the choreographic track, which the judges also considered a fall. In addition, the skater was not counted for one of the two sequences with a double axel, since, according to the rules, it is forbidden to do more than one element of this type in the program.

Thus, Valieva showed the worst result at tournaments since 2019. The winner of the Grand Prix stage was Sofia Muravyovawhich has 228.81 points.

November 10 at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ended hearings in Valieva’s case. The result will be announced later. Traces of a prohibited drug were found in the skater’s sample from December 2021.

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