“Balalaika – the Russian soul” – the project named so will be implemented in Taganrog, in the Chekhov Library, on June 23 – International Balalaika Day.

For the first time, Balalaika Day was celebrated in 2008 at the initiative of the President of the Russian Club of Populist Musicians Dmitry Belinsky. The holiday then turned out to be associated with two “balalaika” anniversaries at once: with the 320th anniversary of the first documentary mention of the instrument (in the document “Memory from the Streltsy order to the Little Russian order”, which dates back to June 23, 1688) and with the 125th anniversary of the date when the balalaika the musician, founder and conductor of the first National Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments Vasily Andreev met for the first time. In fact, this event marked the beginning of the development of the art of playing folk instruments in the form in which it is now familiar to us.

This year the International Festival of Populist Musicians will be celebrated for the 15th time. Many countries and cities will take part in it, including Taganrog, which has a special relationship with the balalaika.

In Taganrog, Vladimir Viktorovich Nagorny (1908-1982) was born into the family of a railway worker. Balalaika picked up when he was six years old. While studying at the railway school (which he graduated in 1925), Nagorny played in the orchestra of Valerian Gaetanovich Moll. In 1930 he moved to Moscow. During the war, Vladimir Nagorny gave concerts on various fronts. In the post-war years, he represented our art abroad, toured the country, spoke on the radio, and recorded his concerts on gramophone records.

On Thursday, June 23, throughout the day (from 10 am to 6 pm in the concert and exhibition hall of the Chekhov Library, two exhibitions will work at once: the book “Balalaika – a ringing string” and the art exhibition – students of the Taganrog Art School named after S.I. Blonskaya and Taganrog School of Arts “Three Strings”.

At 15:00 in the library in the virtual concert hall there will be a broadcast of a concert from the Moscow Philharmonic “My balalaika, balalaika …”. At 16-30 in the concert and exhibition hall there will be a concert of students and teachers of musical educational organizations of the city, the municipal ensemble of folk instruments “Divo” (headed by Sergey Piko) and the head of the department of stringed folk instruments of the Rostov State Conservatory, laureate of international competitions, soloist of the Rostov State Philharmonic Alexei Buryakov. By the way, Aleksey Buryakov is our countryman, a graduate of the Taganrog Children’s Music School. P.I. Tchaikovsky and Taganrog College of Music.

Entrance to all events is free.

Earlier we said that the second choir festival was held in Taganrog “We magnify Righteous Paul of Taganrog”.