In the Rostov region, there are medical chats in the Telegram messenger. Residents of the city can ask questions regarding medical care, and a representative of the medical organization will give an answer within two hours. The chats were created as part of the ZdravControl federal project. Its main task is to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care for the population.

  • Medical institutions of the Rostov region use all possible channels of communication with residents so that everyone can contact the medical organization in a convenient way. Now, among other things, communication through chats in Telegram has become possible, which is especially convenient due to the growing popularity of this messenger. Residents will be able to report the problems they have encountered and receive a response within two hours, which will increase the availability of medical care, said Yury Kobzev, Minister of Health of the Rostov Region.

Chats have been created in every municipality of the Rostov region, including Taganrog. The chat is open daily from 8:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Saturday. Links to all chats are located on website of the regional Ministry of Health, on information stands and websites of medical institutions. Please note that you cannot receive treatment appointments and medical advice in the chat.

  • Medical chat will allow you to quickly solve the problems that residents have when seeking medical help. We aim to create conditions for the adoption of systemic proactive measures by state authorities, local governments, regional public chambers, and patient organizations. It is also planned to implement measures aimed at increasing the level of legal literacy of the population,” said the head of the ZdravControl project, a member of the Public Council for an independent assessment of the quality of conditions for the provision of services by medical organizations under the Ministry of Health of Russia Evgeny Martynov.

The pilot project was launched in 2018 in the Moscow region. During this period, more than 100,000 appeals were considered in medical chats. The federal project is being implemented with the use of a grant from the President of the Russian Federation provided by the Presidential Grants Fund and the organizational support of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

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