The members of BTS, taehyung and jungkook They have reignited the rumors of their relationship, after they claimed by mistake that they had gone to bed together.

The irregular behavior of the two members of bts as long as they stay together, it was the perfect point for fans to notice that there was more than just friendship since about 3 years ago when ARMY noticed the strange behaviors.

Now, a few hours ago, Taehyung would have mistakenly confirmed everything his followers believe, as I assure him that recently he was in bed with his partner Jungkook, driving everyone completely crazy. army.

In a recent interview between the two BTS members, they were quite close as they shared their experiences on camera, and at one point, apparently without realizing what Taehyung was going to expose, he confirmed: «The last time I went to Jungkook’s room there were no pillows”.

before this armyas their followers call themselves, doubted the relationship, but they could indisputably realize that the relationship between the two artists is still maintained and perhaps much stronger than before.

Although neither of the two artists confirms the relationship so far, it is probably because they prefer to keep the rumors secret.