Taehyung, one of the members of bts and Jennie, Kpop girl group member BLACKPINK and the girl with whom he has been submerged in courtship rumors for several months, join their voices for the first time and the result has left all his fans and followers of the musical genre speechless.

Although Taehyung and Jennie’s released musical collaboration is a fan edit, fans of both idols They are very excited about the incredible result that the voices of the two South Korean artists have brought together.

Also, this mashup has an even more special touch due to dating rumors between the two, so the army and the BLINK They imagine what an official collaboration between the two would be like.

Both fandoms assure that it would be a success and would cause a stir in networks, since there is no doubt that the rumors of their supposed romance continue to be a trending topic, since the evidence and photographs that were shown of both are undoubtedly compelling.

Meanwhile, the video of their voice collaboration is viral on the platform of Youtube, where the fans of taehyung and Jennie were the ones who gave themselves the task of put together the voices of both stars Kpop.

And you, do you like this Taehyung and Jennie mashup?