Syktyvkar deputy refuted the refusal to post a banner supporting the SVO

Council Member Syktyvkar Tatyana Krivoshchekova, who heads the Outdoor Advertising Association of Komi, denied the words of the head of the republic, Vladimir Uiba, about his refusal to place a banner with local fighters participating in a special military operation (SVO). About it reports “KomiOnline”.

November 17 Uiba reportedthat carriers in the region refuse to post signs in support of the SVO. He also reproached an entrepreneur involved in outdoor advertising and stated that he was asked to hang at least one banner with SVO fighters.

According to Krivoshchekova, the owner of the advertising structure on Gabov Square stated that the authorized executive body did not contact the company with requests to place the corresponding banner.

In addition, in the summer of 2023, the company, free of charge, at the request of the mayor’s office of Syktyvkar, placed two banners on Lenin Street in support of the SVO. Also throughout the year, various posters were hung with information about the heroes of the special operation and contract service.

The Outdoor Advertising Association, added Krivoshchekova, asked Russian Presidential Administration and the Komi prosecutor’s office to conduct an investigation into the above circumstances.

Formerly a resident of the Leninsky district Crimea accused students of one of the local schools in bullying her seventh-grader son. The reason for this, according to her, was that the boy supported the special operation on Ukraine.

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