Switzerland will conduct an investigation into the transfer of its ammunition to Kyiv

Ministry of Economics Switzerland is going to conduct an investigation after information appeared in the media that Kyiv allegedly received Swiss ammunition through a Polish company. Due to its neutrality, the country prohibited other states from transferring weapons purchased from it abroad without consent Bernathe agency reports AFP.

“This matter is under investigation… No comment while it is ongoing,” the ministry said in a statement.

The agency clarifies that private organizations were not required to sign a re-export declaration. The Polish company commented on the situation described in the press as not causing alarm and not violating any procedures. They noted that all of the company’s transactions are subject to government audits. Poland.

In addition, the company wanted to prosecute in a Polish court an American journalist who published information about the transfer Ukraine Swiss ammunition. The organization is exploring legal justifications that could make this possible.

Previously Ukraine accused in the purchase of 500 thousand Swiss .308 Winchester cartridges and 145 thousand .338 Lapua Magnum cartridges. Switzerland has banned the export of weapons in both Russiaand to Ukraine.

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