Hereka Svtlana Nlepkov (61) seems to take care of her appearance and even with whom she would not do without. According to them, the opposite is true and it is best to wear home clothes. That’s why he doesn’t want a colleague who wouldn’t even go to Instagram without make-up, where he sells his private. How does she sell her life for advertising?

Like one of the little actresses Svtlana Nlepkov does not use Instagram to earn a pension on it and show its private pensions. In fact, he doesn’t want it that way. He admits that he likes to buy more, not to sell himself to the virtual world.

I’m not the hunter who addresses companies to get something for free. I’m humble and when I want something, I just order it online or buy it in a store, Svtlana told Expres.

She doesn’t want to condemn her colleague, but she wouldn’t like to sell herself.

He and Gabriela Partyo tried out glasses designed by actress Dana Morvkov.

Of course I want it, but I think it’s for another, young generation, because for me it’s like a UFO. Although mm Facebook, mm Instagram, there are two posts, but if you imagine that I should do it regularly and I should have some kind of pension, that’s for me in complete space. I don’t understand that someone has to deal with it like this, then you have to deal with it, Hereka added with a laugh.

She is happy to be able to use the phone to get to work. He likes to stay at the edges, not to sell himself out of companies and have to insist on the social tables as much time as a colleague.